Jaunty and stuff.

   I recently upgraded to Jaunty Jackalope (Ubuntu 9.04).
    Whew…what a relief.
    Previously, I was having some terrible issues with my main desktop. My video drivers weren’t working,my wireless wasn’t working, and compiz would puke at me every once in a while ( I think it was an Nvidia bug, but I can’t be too sure.)
   I managed to fix the Nvidia problem.
    But I ended up having to turn compiz off, just for the sake of sanity.

    As for the wireless, that thing is a nightmare. Shortly after getting my new computer, I went out to Best Buy and found my self a good wireless PCI card. Because my current card was a little dated (

), I decided to pick up the latest Wireless N. I came home, installed it in my Vista box, restarted and went into Ubuntu. I unplugged the beater wireless card that I was using and….

No beans.

    I spent a lot of monies on that card so to see it not work in my favorite operating system was a little devastating. I spent hours on Google, trying to figure out how to get it to work with ndiswrapper. I tried everything in the book: from rmmod, to installing via WINE. This thing would not work one bit.
    For a while, I gave up. I would unplug the beater when I used Vista for my gaming fix, or for Flash 10 that wasn’t slow, or for updating my iPhone. But when I used Ubuntu (which was a majority of the time) I plugged in the beater. It was that way for a while.

    Fast forward a few months and I started to get interested in servers. Really interested. I had an old machine lying around with nothing on it. 

Through lots of time and careful consideration I instantly downloaded and installed Ubuntu Server Edition AND WHOO IT WORKED!!!! Well…the installation worked. I had to figure out how to port forward from my router to my machine (~5mins), how to get a domain to point to my IP address(~10mins), how to turn wireless on from command line(~30mins), and finally, how to set a static IP from command line (~3hours). Wouldn’t you know it, it worked like a charm! I now had a machine capable of hosting a small website, and a personal server I can SSH into and sync my files with. It was AWESOME!

    Though now I was stuck. In order for me to enjoy this to the fullest extent, I had to be on Ubuntu. And in order for me to be on Ubuntu on my main machine, I needed that beater card that’s on top of the server. I was in a conundrum. So for a while, I took down the server, because I deemed my Internet browsing needs far more important than that of the stupid server.

    I was content. I experimented with OpenSuse 11 (not the greatest thing in the world, it won’t do anything on my main machine, and it was a hassle on my laptop), I reinstalled Ubuntu 8.10, and I almost had a heart attack when Vista decided to be a jackass.

    After a bit I was getting kind of bored. Not really bored of Ubuntu, just kind of bored of doing nothing except school work. After reading an article or two on the new notify-osd in Jaunty, I decided to try it out. I’ve never used the USB installer method before, so I downloaded Ubuntu Alpha 5 and let the configuration utility work it out for me. I restarted, hit F12, and chose to boot from the USB device. I’m welcomed by a beautiful desktop.I go up to network manager, I click “Connect” and I click one of the two “Travis” wireless networks. I op—

I did a double take.

Wait what?
Two “Travis”‘s?

There it was. Two Travis’s. One listed under “Linksys Wireless.” and one listed under…
“RaLink Wireless N”


I mounted my Ubuntu partition, backed up my files, and deleted that partition shortly after. Hell YES! I installed Alpha 5 without a hitch. I restarted, fixed my Nvidia (the other purpose to my blog post was so that I could remember how to do it) and then updated my system.


Things were out of whack for a while. Add/Remove was missing, and Gwibber still won’t install to this day. But I don’t really care, I’m using Jaunty. With working wireless. With ext4(I made sure that I formatted it to ext4 when I installed).

I updated this morning. Everything was fixed. Except I still can’t install some packages.

But at least I have Tasque.

Anywho, I’m going to highlight some of the new features. That I care about at least.

  • OpenOffice.org 3.0
  • Ext4
  • Computer Janitor? (Apparently, this is a feature that I haven’t actually seen written about, but it is installed default onto the system. I’m assuming it helps you clear up large files.)
  • Notify-osd. This is still in the works. When I get emails, it brings up a GTK windows as well as the see through window. And the item that represents it on the task bar is kind of broken (when there is nothing to show)
  • Tasque now in the repos
  • Gwibber now in the repos (but won’t install for me)

Some of the features that I still feel are missing.

  • Minimize evolution to the task bar. I mean COME ON!! THAT SHOULDN’T BE SO FREAKING HARD!
  • pidgin-facebookchat. I think that should be included with the current pidgin release. It is very stable and stuff.
  • MP3 support. I know this is something that is fought about all the time. But there is a legal plugin you can install. Fluendo has one, for free, and I don’t see why it can’t be included (I think it’s legal, but I’m not sure)
  • Break the gnome-clock applet away from evolution dependencies. I don’t like evolution right now because they haven’t DONE anything new since I first installed Ubuntu (ubuntu 6.04)
  • A tour. I saw this in one of the blueprints during the development of 8.10. I think that while the installation is going on, it wouldn’t hurt show a powerpoint of what you could do and highlight some of those features.

Well that’s it for tonight. Feel free to comment.
NOTE: For lazy reasons, I copy and pasted this from my original posterous blog. Links aren’t going to work.

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